The intelligent home control system

The intelligent evonHOME control system combines the technologies in your home into a smart home.

Lights, blinds, indoor climate and also music or video are linked by a controller and provided on the smartphone.

This increases your quality of life, saves electricity and makes your home safer.

You can adapt your house to your requirements via APP at any time, you can also see who is at your door, for example, when you are on the move. You can save expensive electricity, you can pre-heat your house pleasantly.

How easy is evonHOME?

In this tutorial we show you how to easily go from the planning phase to smart living in your living dream.

The evonHOME app in action!

To gain an impression of evonHOME simply log on to our demo house and try out all the features.

To the demo
Even impresses experts

Günther Nussbaum in his new ATV series „Kein Pfusch am Bau“ on the advantages of Smart Home using the example of evonHOME.

Inspires superheroes and those who want to become one.

Brings friends into the house. Opens doors and paths.
Guarantees more security. Brings more convenience into your life.

What can evonHOME do for you?

The following functions can be controlled with evonHOME:

Intelligent blind control

Control all the blinds in the house with the shading modules. Blinds, curtains or vertical lamella: You name it, evonHOME controls it.

Intelligent light control

Control all the lights in the house with the light modules. Dimmers, ceiling lamps, reading lights or aisle lightings with motion sensors: You name it, evonHOME controls it.

Energy-saving room control

Control the indoor climate in the house with the heating modules. Underfloor heating or Radiator, infrared Panel or electric heaters: You name it, evonHOME controls it.

Integrated Audio Systems

With the intelligent evonHOME sound module you can control your favorite music  throughout the house. Whether AirPlay music server or internet radio, you decide what you want to hear.

Universal apps

Our universal apps, together with the digital modules, integrate all other functions. Whether circulating pump, bathroom ventilator, central heating or garage door. You name it, evonHOME controls it.

Reliable Alarming

Your home is safe and secure thanks to the integration of motion sensors, window contacts and detectors for smoke, fire and water. Everything is reported to you either acoustically or visually, at home or on the road.

evonHome Showrooms

What does evonHOME cost?

We have calculated an evonHOME show house for you, so that you can have an overview of the costs. all prices include 20 % VAT prices are based on a show house with 150 square meters


  • 1 x Controller Module
  • 2 x smartCOM, 1 x techCOM
    4 inputs
    incl. evonHOME
€ 498.-

Light & Shadow

  • 8 x blind modules
    for 16 blinds

  • 6 light modules
    for 24 light circuits
€ 2,856.-

Control & Additional Modules

  • 2 room controllers,
    7 operating panels
    for 7 rooms,
    4 x bus extension module
    1 x digital 4in&4out,
    1 x power supply,
    1 x industrial micro SD card
    1 x bus terminator module
€ 1,787.-


  • free software
  • visualization mobile/tablet/pc
  • free Update
  • free Support
  • system documentation
  • access to evonHOME
    store extendable
€ 5,141.-

evonHOME live

Here you can experience evonHOME live and talk about your project

WELS: Energiesparmesse 01. – 04. March 2018
FRANKFURT: Light+Building 18. – 23. March 2018
MUNICH: BAU 14. – 19. January 2019
STUTTGART: ELTEFA 20. – 22. March 2019

4 steps to your smart home

It looks complex, but it is simple and quickly integrated. Let us show you how simple and quickly your evonHOME can become a member of your family.

Connect Switches, lights and blinds to your evonHOME modules.
Download app, evonHOME is located automatically.
Assign lights, blinds, etc. to your rooms.
Adapt your living comfort whenever you want using themes.

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